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Luti's Charcuterie

-   ABOUT US  -


Hey y'all, I'm Brianna Luti. If there's two things I can tell you I'm passionate about, it's spending time with people I love and.. cheese. I didn't realize at first that charcuterie was my calling but feeding my people and laughing with them over some cheddar and crackers eventually led me here. Out of my little hometown in Mansfield, Georgia, I love to craft and design boards that are delicious and beautiful but mostly that will be shared between people laughing, loving and celebrating with each other. My boards are thoughtfully created with only quality ingredients including local products as much as possible. Whether it be date night, a football game, or a wedding, I hope the love that I pour into these bites find you and your people exactly the way this venture started for me, celebrating. 

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